Our Hearing Tests Take
Most Places Offer A Free Hearing Screen Which Only Takes 15 Minutes.

Success with hearing aids requires laser-focused precision. Why does it take a FULL HOUR? It's because a 15-minute hearing test can't possibly provide all of the information necessary to program today's ultra sophisticated digital hearing aids. Exhaustive testing is the only way. PERIOD.

We Offer A
Money-Back Guarantee On Every Hearing Aid We Fit.
Most Places Charge You A 15% Restocking Fee.

Because we're obsessive-compulsive, hyper-focused, work-with-you-until it's right hearing professionals, we can't stand it when you're not happy. That's why, after a 30-day Test Drive and 60-day grace period, if you aren't delighted with your purchase, return them for a full refund.

We See Our Patients
In The First Year Alone.
Most Places, Unexplainably,
See Theirs Only TWICE.

When fitting hearing aids, a "Fit-Em-And-Forget-Em" approach fails every time. We have developed and implemented a detailed process that we follow for all of our hearing aid fittings. This virtually eliminates oversights and mistakes and helps ensure that you achieve your hearing potential.

Our Test Drive Is Your Key to Risk-Free Hearing Aids

The only way to really know what it' it's like to wear hearing aids is to actually wear them. Unfortunately, most places require you to purchase hearing aids before you take them for a spin. Not here! With “Test Drive” you can take a set of trial hearing aids home with you for a FREE 30-day evaluation. If you like them, give us the go-ahead and we order the new devices. When they get here, we transfer the settings from the trial devices to your devices and away you go. If you don't like them, simply return them owing nothing.

Find out if hearing aids are right for you... without paying a dime. Or compare your current hearing aids to our technology. Learn More...