7 Reasons Not To Buy Hearing Aids From Us.

We're The First To Admit We're Not Perfect.

1. We're not the cheapest. However, according to our patients, we are the best. We focus on long-term solutions to your hearing problem rather than the quick-fix-for-a-buck. We constantly hear, "Wow, I've never had a test like that before" or "I had no idea there was this much to it." We pride ourselves on using only quality hearing aid technology and then spending the time necessary to do the job right; not just get the job done.

2. We're not the prettiest.

3. We require our patients to make commitments. In fact, we even track your progress. If you're the type of person that doesn't want to make some improvements in their life and are unwilling to put the effort required, then we may not be the best fit for you.

4. We see our patients a lot. So if you're the type of person who thinks you can buy a set of hearing aids that will fix your hearing loss on day one without needing adjustments, you probably won't want to work with us.

5. Sometimes we run a little late. We do everything in our power to see each and every patient at their appointed time, but sometimes we may run a little late with the patient ahead of you. We hope that you'll accept our heartfelt apology with the understanding that sometimes a patient requires that little bit extra. We are obsessive-compulsive about helping each one of our patients hear their very best in every situation in life. Maybe they're getting ready for a major life's event or they drove for 4 hours to get their hearing aid fixed. We hope that with that understanding, you will feel assured that if ever you have some specific needs that require a bit more time, that we will spend that extra time with you.

6. We get really personal with our patients. In fact, we see you enough that we start to seem like family. We may even hug you you. For some people, that's a little bit off-putting. So if you're the type of person that considers that a little too "touchy-feely," you may want to look at a place that's quite a bit more formal than we are. We make no apologies and sometimes we even get a little crazy.

7. We make our patients suffer. We make our patients sit in a sound-proof booth for an hour of almost mind-numbing testing. Sitting in front of a speaker while we analyze the response of the hearing aids can be exhausting. But hopefully you will understand that we are there for your benefit and that all this suffering will pay off in the end.

7 1/2. We don't do discounts. If we have to reduce the price of our hearing aids by $1000 just to get you to buy them, they probably shouldn't have been marked up that high to begin with. We only sell high-quality hearing instruments and we set our prices to include the hearing aids as well as the outstanding service we provide each one of our patients.

7 3/4. We don't sell every make and model of hearing aid. Why would we? We have researched all the major manufacturers and have used our expertise as professional hearing care providers to determine what technologies are superior and we refuse to lower our standards. Our patients want to know what we would fit on our own dad, or niece, or daughter. They expect us to have done our homework. We combine research with experience from fitting thousands of patients and bring the best technology for the money. It's been said that "a Jack-of-all-trades is a master of none." And if you go to a place that specializes in Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Audi, and Cadillac, you may want to turn around and high-tail it out of there as fast as you can. Patients constantly bring in our competitors ads that tout that they "fit all make and models" of hearing aids. We specialize in the one or two brands that work best for our patients and make no apologies for that.

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