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No Upfront Commitment To Buy, No Standing In Line, And No High Pressure Sales Tactics.

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A "test drive" is not a test drive if the salesperson is nervously sitting in the passenger seat while you drive carefully through the lot. A test drive is a test drive when you can get out on the open road, by yourself, feel the wind in you hair, and see what that thing can do when you mash down on the pedal. Imagine if you could try it for a whole month. You could see how it handles around corners, in the rain, in the mud... How else are you going to know if you absolutely love these things?

It's true, there are other hearing care providers who also give a 30 day trial. However, there is one big difference. They are letting you "try" hearing aids they have already purchased from their own inventory. They intend to sell them to you, but "if you break-em, you buy-em." Since they have already purchased them, the pressure is on to "move" their inventory. This is the definition of sales pressure. Alternatively, our hearing aids are provided to us at no cost from the manufacturer. They are stamped with the word "Trial" on the side and they are programmed to beep in 30 days. This means we can't resell them and they are designed to be checked out like a library book. Furthermore, I don't have to keep thousands of dollars of inventory on my shelf.

It's really a no-brainer.

If you are considering purchasing hearing aids, we offer a free, no-pressure, way to try sophisticated, high-quality hearing technology. We provide several financing options for your convenience. And, we walk you through the process to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need to reconnect you with the ones you love.

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